I am a PhD fellow in Informatics at the University of Oslo, Norway. I have previously taken a MSc in Renewable Energy at Oldenburg University, Germany. My current work focuses on applying machine learning in smart grids. I participated in many energy informatics research projects and I am a Marie-Curie felloship alumnus

My Projects

Project 4: Explainable Medical Image Segmentation via GANs and Layer-wise Relevance Propagation

I teamed up with my 7-year-old daughter, Leen, to contest in MedAI: Transparency in Medical Image Segmentation Challenge. We had a lot of fun in making the computer to learn to segment medical images and explain how it came up with predictions. We also managed to submit a short working paper to Nordic Machine Intelligence open access journal. ! A main takeaway of this is that: (Model Accuracy + Model Explainability = Authentic Value). Here is our working paper and the code. Our team (called Leen) got an honorable mention too!!

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